12/17: Any student who is wishing to play tennis and has not played any other sports @ SLHS,  you and your parent/guardian must attend a meeting on Wednesday @ 5:30 in room 912.  All other players interested need to sign up by Mr. Rouse's room, room  912 and join the tennis Remind 101 group by 12/21.  

Team Members

Tanna Sassoni

Greg Gros

Lia Portillo

Dominic Lasseigne

Ivet Cruz

Nicholas Martin

Brooklyn Angelette

Jensen Adams

Harley Lee

Dylan Breaux

Jalea Croson

Saul Reyes

Miranda Danos

Jeffri Gutierrez

Sarah Danos

Jackson Bourgeois

Alexis Griffin

Daniel Eymard

Johnnie-Lynn Guidry

Brady Hebert

Laural Chiasson

Luke Duthu

Juliana Ortiz

Gabriel Blackledge

Nalin Wongrattanaphaiboon (Jieli)

Kyler Lefort

Evelyn Almaraz

Sean Serigny

Kylie LeBlanc


Emily Matherne


Emily McCartney


Madison Pitre


Annie Matherne