• A/B and Virtual Learning News

    South Lafourche High School and the other high schools in Lafourche will be going to a hybrid A/B schedule when we get back from the Thanksgiving holiday.

    • Students with last names A – H will be on the A days.
    • Students with last names I – Z will be on the B days.
    • The schedule will NOT be like the last time we were on the A/B schedule. Students will be on a revolving A, B, A, B, schedule. This means the first week back, the A students will come to school Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The second week, the A students will come to school on Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Students who are on the A/B schedule are expected to still do school work on the days they are not scheduled to be at school. Teachers will teach lessons to the students at school and the students will have assignments to complete on the day they are not at school.
    • On the days the students are not at school, they should go into their Google Classrooms complete all assignments and log on-line attendance. The assignments they have will be an extension to what the teacher taught the day before. Failure to complete the assignments will affect their nine-week grade.
    • Teachers will be teaching all day to the students who are at school. They will not be available throughout the day to answer emails. They will answer emails during their planning period. Students should ask questions on the days they are at school.

    Students who are totally virtual will continue to complete their E2020 assignments. Students who are totally virtual must complete their E2020 work for the second nine weeks by the day school releases for the Christmas holiday. E2020 assignments will not be opened during the holidays.

    South Lafourche High School

    Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    For those families who have opted for total virtual learning for the second nine weeks, your child was invited to the 2020-2021 SLHS Virtual Students Google Classroom. Many courses transitioned to the Edgenuity learning platform on November 2, 2020. Students began working in Edgenuity this past week (understably with the exception of those experiencing power and Internet outages from Hurricane Zeta).

    Edgenuity usernames & passwords are provided through this Google Classroom. Frequently Asked Questions, success tips, and other helpful information is addressed there as well. Several students who were invited on October 26, 2020, have not yet accepted this invitation. Information provided through this Google Classroom is critical to your child's successful completion of the second nine weeks. Please check to make sure your child has accepted this invitation.

    If you believe your child(ren) should have received an invitation and didn't, please email Jessica LeBlanc ( or private message our Facebook page. Include your child(ren)'s full name(s) in the communication. Thank you for helping us in this endeavor to make sure your child has received all the resources to be successful this school year.

    South Lafourche High School
  • MYACT Student Accounts

    To register for the ACT, students will create a MyACT student account by going to In addition to registering for the ACT, MyACT accounts can also be used to prepare for the test, view and send test scores, explore colleges and careers, and plan for college. Students can also purchase prep material through their account or access our free test prep material. Access the quick start guide for additional support, and contact or for assistance with account issues, including duplicate accounts.
    Please contact with questions.
    South Lafourche High School
  • Makeup Dates

    December 2 – 3: Yearbook Pictures for Juniors and Make-ups
    December 3 – 4: CLEP ELA
    December 7 – 10: LEAP Retesters
    December 7 – 11: Senior Pictures
    December 15: Jostens (10:00am – 1:00pm & 2:30pm – 6:00pm)
    December 16: Jostens (10:00am – 1:00pm)
    December 15 – 17: WorkKeys Testing

    South Lafourche High School
  • Google Classroom Codes

    Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    Since the beginning of this school year, we have actively encouraged all students to join these Google Classrooms in order to receive school announcements. If you haven't yet done so, please join your class using one of these codes:
    Class of 2021 (Seniors): lpezabw​
    Class of 2022 (Juniors): ud2s4lf
    Class of 2023 (Sophomores): seqmlnt
    Class of 2024 (Freshmen): 576phx4

    Note to parents/guardians of SLHS students in multiple grade levels: We encourage you to join all classes. Many announcements are duplicated across grade levels, but there are some class-specific announcements (e.g. graduation, Freshman orientation) that we don't want you to miss out on. You do not need an LPSD GMail account to sign up, but you do need a (free) GMail account to join.

    South Lafourche High School
  • Post-Zeta Bus Announcement

    School will resume tomorrow. Due to storm debris, buses may not be able to pass down all streets. If your street is impassable or doesn't currently have an accessible turnaround for a bus, please consider having your child wait for the bus at the front of the street. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    South Lafourche High School
  • My child is ill. Should I keep him or her home from school?

    Check out this guide to help you decide.
    South Lafourche High School
  • Click Below for Virtual College Fair Info!

    Virtual College Fair

    South Lafourche High School

    After-school tutoring is being offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Transportation is provided.

    South Lafourche High School
  • Important Reminder

    Every spectator must enter the Football Stadium with a mask covering the mouth and nose.
    South Lafourche High School
  • Message from the Principal

    South Lafourche High School Parents and Students:

    Monday, September 28, students will begin coming to school 5 days a week. We are very excited to get students back into class 5 days a week. We were going to wait until the beginning of the second nine weeks to allow students to switch from totally virtual to in-person classes. We believe allowing virtual students to come back to school for in-person instruction on September 28 when students return 5 days a week is just a natural progression. If your child is on a virtual schedule and you want them to come to school 5 days a week instead, contact the school as soon as possible to let us know about the change. If your child is on the A/B schedule, you do not have to contact the school. Your child will automatically start coming to school 5 days a week beginning on September 28.

    Another factor which may impact your decision to keep your child on totally virtual learning is that in the near future, students will no longer be taught through Google Classroom but will take their classes through Edgenuity (E2020). This means they will not be taught by their classroom teacher but rather through an online program.

    South Lafourche High School
  • 2020 School Spirit Days

    See attached calendar of school spirit days!

    South Lafourche High School
  • 2020-2021 SLHS Virtual Open House

    Click Here to View Our Open House Videos!

    Parents/Guardians, Click Here to Sign In for Open House!

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